Model Filter Dryer(TR-F)



Model manufactured under the technical contact with Rosenmund VTA AG(Switzerland)

  • Sanitary specification to operate in compliance with GMP.
  • Filtering, cleaning and drying operations.
  • Gastight structure to maintain clean work environment.
  • Mixing blade with has excellent agitation performance.
  • Automatic discharge of cake from the side of the machine.
  • Cake discharge port features a special sealing system.
  • Choice of processing processes for individual products.
  • Able to use for mixer-dryer when no need of filtration.

Drawing of appearance size


■The above menttoned specification overview shows the equipment of the standard model(The specification may not apply to some models.)
■The avove numerical values apply to the standard-formed bellows.
■The area exposed to the liquid can be manufactured from SUS304,SUS316,SUS316L or hastelloy.
■It may be possible to manufacture/use models/materials not included in the above mentioned specifications. Consult with TANABE staffs.

Explanation by an animation



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