Service introduction

"Regular service is needed as centrifuges rotate at very high speed.            
Our team also provides professional and high quality service after centrifuge delivery 
A safe and secure operation environment is created by the support from us such as inspections, repairs,

  • Employees answering the phone
    High quality service is provided from our maintenance department.
  • Employees doing maintenance
    Regular centrifuge inspection and maintenance guarantee the stable performance and safe operation
  • Employee checking the machine
    High quality service is provided from our maintenance department.

Procedure for service

  • 01

    Annual centrifuge inspection

    Appearance inspection and no-load operation will be done to check the centrifuge status.

  • 02

    Parts replacement/improvement proposal

    Parts in bad status will be replaced with new parts. In some cases, improvement modification will be proposed to  avoid the same problem.

  • 03


    Operation and trail run will be conducted to check the status after parts replacement and structure modification

Inquiry for service

The centrifuge model and serial number will be needed to track the records and carry out a diagnosis.

image - Employees doing maintenance


  • what kind of data or information will be needed to consulate your team?

    The model type and centrifuge serial number is needed to specify the records.

  • Do you provide maintenance service on site ?

    No problem. We can dispatch service team to customers` plant all over the world

  • Is there any regulation for centrifuge inspection?

    The safety and health regulations require an annual inspections by your team or team from manufacturer.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

Osaka sales division

+81 (6) 6321 5825

Tokyo sales division

+81 (3) 3846 0841