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As a general centrifuge maker, we provide a wide product lines for separation and drying . By exploiting our extensive experience cultivated over many years, we are committed to customize our high quality products to meet customers` distinctive needs.  In addition, our service team provides best service support and improve proposals for the stable and safe operation of customers` centrifuges.

As expert of separation and drying,
TANABE is devoted to provide the best solution for customers' needs.

  • 分離機・乾燥機の適用可否を知りたい
  • 最適な装置を探したい
  • 仕様の決め方がわからない
  • 微粒子の回収がしたい
  • 自動運転・連続運転により省力化を図りたい
  • 機内の洗浄・確認がしたい
  • ケーキの全量排出がしたい

Why TANABE is your choice

We are committed to provide most suitable solution for customers` need by utilize our expert and experience.

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    Our commitment to technology and craftsmanship for over 100 years since the foundation.

    "As the pioneering centrifuge maker, we have refined our technology over many years by responding to customers different needs. We always move forward to develop new products which match the needs of times by delivering more than 10,000 sets of centrifuges."

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    Top market share , oversea business experience of over 50 years

    Owning a wide range of product variations, we keeps proposing and deliver  products that match the needs of  all sectors such as automotive,  semiconductor, energy, pharmaceutical, food, recycling, and aerospace.

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    "Professional support and prompt response are prepared for customers` inquiry and request.
In addition, Our separate service team keeps contributing to customers 'stable and safe operation by providing professional equipment service support."

    In detail

Steps from inquiry to final centrifuge delivery

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    Specification discussion

    Your current process information and capacity will be needed to decide the general test plan.

  • 03

    Lab test

    Lab test will be done to check if centrifugal separation can be achieved or not  ( about 200ml to 1L of sample will be needed for lab test )

  • 04

    Sample test

    Actual test will be performed by test machine. of Couse, sending the test to your place is also a good choice as it can be incorporated into your current processing line. Scale up (model selection) will be done basing  on the sample tests.

  • 05

    Model selection

    Most suitable model will be proposed for your desired capacity.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.

Osaka sales division

+81 (6) 6321 5825

Tokyo sales division

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