Model CO-Z

Basket-type centrifugal separator Casing opening and closing system


  • Eyebolt system has realized easy attachment / detachment of the bolts for opening and closure of the casing.
  • Adequate space is secured between basket and frame by lifting the basket enables the operator to easily perform post-cleaning inspection.
  • Replacement of the conventional supporting column with the vibration-proof rubber , the supporting site is located lower than the flame , which can prevent contamination inside the casing.(Also compliant with strut type [Z type]).
  • The flat bottom of the basket enables the operator  to swab and visually inspect every area having contact with Liquid/Solid.
  • The labyrinth seal system enables the operator to perform intra-casing immerse cleaning of the basket.
  • The model with the lower motor drive incorporating a V-belt can also be used for dust prevention.

Exterior dimensions


※CO-10-Z,CO-15-Z type does not open and close the casing.
※CO-10-Z type is directly driven from the bottom of the motor.
※Consult with TANABE individually if apparent specific gravity of the wet cake is heavy.
※Detailed data will be supplied at the time of inquiry.

Explanation by an animation

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