Model CT(CST)

Basket-type centrifugal separator Bottom discharge model

Option device

  • Cloth or fine metallic mesh is mounted inside the basket and the cake is dischrged from the bottom.The machine is manually operated in each process of liquid supply and discharge , cleaning and wiping.
  • Various models , such as those without perforated basket or with skimming device(Model CST) , are available for microparticle treatment.
  • Inverter drive can be adopted.Semiautomatic models to which safety devices are installed are also available.
    ※When provided with an optional removable distributing plate , this model can incorporate an upper discharge system.

Drawing of appearance size


※Slip lined type  can also be supplied.
※Consult with TANABE individually if apparent specific gravity of the wet cake is heavy.
※Detailed data will be supplied at the time of inquiry.

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