Model Bio Settler(BS)

Bio Settler ultra hight-speed centrifuge Sedimentation type


This model is ideal for purification separation of solids or liquids having a small difference in specific gravity,for processing fine chemicals(pharmaceuticals,foodstuffs and electronic materials),and for separating a fungus from bioprocess culturing fluids.

  • Max.centrifugal effect:20,000 G
  • Separated sediment cake is automatically discharged by the discharge system.
    ※Wet cake can be discharged.
    ※Biohazards are minimized.
  • Complies with GMP,CIP(dipping wash) , and SIP requirements.
  • Provides advantages for separating and recovering both solids and liquids required for products.
  • Capable of operating under controlled temperatures.
  • Can be operated under the vacuum.


※It is possible to manufacture the model from titanium or hastelloy.
※Detailed data will be supplied at the time of inquiry.

Explanation by an animation


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