Model MSC

Continuous centrifugation model


From batch centrifugation to continuous centrifugationPower operation of each of the 3rd and 4th stages!
Low content of liquid containing cake , high cake recovery rate , high cake cleaning effect!!

Continuous centrifugation has realized simplification of the processes , containment of facility and running cost , decrease in mechanical vibration , installation area and electric power consumption and simplified installation , operation and maintenance / inspection.The model is small but processing ability is high.

  • The model can dehydrate small-particle and viscous substances.
  • The lower content of liquid containing cake assures stable dehydration.
  • The option to use a smaller-sized mesh screen will increase cake recovery rate.
  • The optional dehydration using a massive amount of cleaning water will increase cake cleaning effects.
  • The separation solution in the 1st basket and the cleaning solution in the 2nd basket can be recovered separately.
  • It is not necessary to replace separating materials in irrelevant areas because of stage-specific separation of separating materials.


Explanation by an animation


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