Model BXP

Single stage type centrifugal extractor


  • Drive unit including bearing is located on the non-liquid contact part to avoid the contamination of the treating medium.
  • Mixing disc is changeable according to the treating medium, and the efficient extracting is possible.
  • For the treatment of corrosive solvent, all liquid contact part made of PVDF is possible.
  • Optional CIP system can be installed.
  • Possibility to connect several BXP in series (no inter-stage pumps required) to achieve the required number of stages.
  • Remained quantity of liquid in the machine is short in comparison with the capacity. Batch operation is possible.
  • Contacting time of two liquids is short. It is possible to reduce the risk of product degradation.
  • Centrifugation is done after extraction. If the difference in density ratio of two liquids is small, the extraction process is possible.

Cross section



Made of PVDF
For research (metal only)

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