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With the strong will,we continuously advance and progress our technology.

Representative Hiroyasu Tanabe

Our company has been in existence for over 115 years, dating back to its launch in 1896 as TANABE Ironworks. In June 1947, after the end of the Second World War, the company was reestablished as a dedicated manufacturer of centrifugal separators. From that time on we steadily accumulated technical expertise thanks to the warm guidance and support of a great many clients and customers. In 1992 we changed the company name to TANABE WILLTEC INC. “WILL” represents maintaining a strong motivation and purposefulness into the future and “TEC”stands for “technology”. Thus, the company name aims to represent our strong will to improve our technical capabilities and pursue advancement and expansion.
Adapting to the times, we shifted our primary focus from textiles to the chemical industry. The principle of filtration has not changed, but we have refined and improved our technologies across the board.
For example, we improved our instrumentation technologies, boosted our machine capacities, responded with GMP compliance, changed the materials used for filtration and other purposes, and improved our elemental technologies. We also changed our separation and filtration methods from batch to continuous processing, and switched over from centrifugal filtration to pressurized filtration and drying. As we advance globally, we also pant to continue meeting strict demands for high quality, responding to needs for value-added/high-performance products, and answering needs that emerge through environmental considerations.
While we face a radically changing business climate, some things will never change. Among those things is our desire to bring satisfaction to customers who use our machines. No matter what era we live in, the company would have no future if we didn’t continue to feel this way. We strive to refine our technical expertise and further improve product quality, keeping firmly in mind that customer satisfaction is our sole mission.


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