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1896 TANABE Ironworks manufactured Desiccators.
1920 “Desiccator” produced under Osaka Desiccator Manufacturers.
1947 Was rebuilt and restored and TANABE lronworks Company incorporated, consistently manufacturing Centrifugal Separators.
1959 Developed Fully Automatic Centrifugal Separator (AT type) to meet the industrial demands for mass-production and labor-saving. To cope with automation in industry, various safety devices developed and equipped ; such as Abnormal Vibration Detector, Overflow Detector,Automatic scraping Device.
1962~1964 Developed various exclusive use Centrifugal Separators for Painting,Oiling, Deoiling, Ships, Pharmaceutical purpose, Deoxide Plaster, and ABS resin.
1966~1970 Built Hirakata Plant to expand the business.Manufactured the world’s largest Centrifugal Separator, model AO-110,for printing felt.
1972~1981 Developed model SHC Horizontal Continuous De-cone type Centrifugal Separator.
Technical cooperation for Fast Decanter Technology contracted with Flottweg Werk.
Took a step into pollution protective campaign : Supplied a Centrifugal Separator to Power Station for flue gas desulfurization.Supplied a Three-Phase Fast Decanter for tar sludge.
1982 Made Sales Agreement with Good Morning Enterprise Co. Ltd.(Taiwan)
1986~1988 To cope with Internationalization;Technology transfer to and cooperation with Ketema Process Equipment Division (U.S.A.) on Flue Gas Desulfurization Centrifugal Separator.
Technology transfer to Thomas Broadbent & Sons Limited (UK) onFlue Gas Desulfurization Centrifugal Separator.
Contracted Sales Cooperation with Filtroba Technik AG (Switzerland) on Helical Filters.
Contracted Sales Cooperation with Guedu S.A. (France) on Filter /Mixer Dryer.
Technology transfer to Taiwan and Korea of Fsst Decanter and model AT Centrifugal Separator.
1989 Development of model ACE Large Capacity Flue Gas Desulfurization Centrifugal Separator.
Development of model TOP Top-driven type Centrifugal Separator.
1991 Contracted to supply 36 units of Flue Gas Desulfurization Centrifugal Separator to Ratcliffe Powergen Power Supply Company (UK) - model ACE-900 in cooperation with Thomas Broadbent & Sons Limited.
1992 Corporate title changed to TANABE WILLTEC INC. to start anew.
1994 Built Plant (A) for Filter / Mixer Dryer and GMP corresponding Separator in Yodogawa Plant.
1995 Technology transfer to Sewon Heavy Machinery Co. Ltd (Korea) on DAC type Centrifugal Separator.
1996 Technology transfer to and cooperation with Bird Machine Company Inc. (U.S.A.) on Flue Gas Desulfurization Centrifugal Separator.
1997 With having the 50 th anniversary of the foundation, and cope with expantion of the business ;
Built Engineering Center, Laboratory and Plant (B) in Yodogawa Plant.
Development of FINE type Centrifugal Separator to meet GMP Requirement.
Contracted technical cooperation with Rosenmund AG (Switzerland) on Filter Dryer.
1998 Technology transfer to Thomas Broadbent & Sons Limited (UK) on De-cone type Centrifugal Separator.
1999 Technology transfer to Fine Co., Ltd. of South Korea on Decanter type Centrifugal Separator.
2001 Development of Horizontal Continuous Multi-stage Centrifugal Separator (MSC type) (patent).
2005 Technology transfer to Chongqing Jiangbei China Machinery Co., Ltd. On GMP unit.
2007 Development of Bio Settler 20000G Centrifugal-sediment type Super Centrifuge.
Development of Residual Cake Removal Device (Resistance Remover).
2010 Development of Filter/Mixer Dryer Cake Complete Discharge System.
2011 Obtained ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certification.
Technology transter to Sejin-Teckwin Inc. of South Korea on DAC type Centrifugal Separator.


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