Company name TANABE WILLTEC INC. “WILLTEC” is a compound word of “WILL” and “TEC”. WILL means a strong will and TEC means technology. This represents that we are going to make progress in technology with strong “WILL” to do.

Idea of what our business ought to be By producing centrifuges and its peripheral devices, we aim at…. ・Contribution to our society ・Stability and development of our company ・Development and stability of the life of our personnel

The standard of action ・Sincerity, appreciation and service for customers ・Creation, pursuit and review in our business ・Energy, trust and co-operation in our workplace


Vision for the future!
There are many technical issues of importance for the future.
There is also the question of how far in the future can you focus when dealing with fast changing modern industries.
Our continuing efforts to collect, absorb and utilize all the available technical information, together with our skills using the latest technology puts TANABE in a strong position to focus on and solve many of the separation problems facing the industrial world and the environment.

To satisfy the demand for modern technology backed up with great experience and support, TANABE with its enthusiastic spirit and strong links with technological leaders worldwide strives to become, and remain, a reliable partner to all separation equipment users worldwide.
Slogan of our company Man makes technology and bright future. Technology represents one’s personal character. The phrase that “Tanabe has technology” should mean “Tanabe has good experiences accumulated the experienced staffs for a long time”. Everyone should have his ears to sincerely listen to others & attitude to react other’s request and appreciation to be trusted by the others. We keep this idea in mind and send our salesmen and engineers to the various customers. We provide the technology to respond the customer’s needs & to create the bright future for our customers.

Logotype This logotype consists of “comet” orbiting around the sun elliptically and stable & balanced “circle”, and represents “progress in future” and the customer’s trust in Tanabe’s technology.


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